CEO / Founder

While also working 40+ hours/wk and finishing my MBA, I've been working on something very special. A passion for music has energized me to create a brand new concept called Songrize.

Songrize is a fresh new music discovery service that solves the problem of mainstream, repetitive, and inaccurate recommendations and playlists. It also adds a flavor of friendliness and personalization that other services lack.

Accomplishments (Give me a few more months):

  • Federally registered Songrize Name / Trademark
  • Marketing survey & customer interaction (120 high school seniors)
  • Web (Splash) page, with ability for users to also test recommendations
  • UI/UX design of mobile app
  • Extensive Marketing and Business Plans completed

What's Next:

  • Fundraising - Songrize is seeking $120k to build and launch its service. In Q4 of 2015, our team will be participating in startup events in Central Florida to pitch the Songrize concept and plan.
  • Algorithm - Optimization with testers and begin provisional patent process
  • Finalize Startup Team
  • Mobile App Development - (after fundraising)

Bottom line experience: #Startups #Software #BizStrategy #Positioning #Marketing #Branding #ContractManagement #Algorithms

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